3 Steps to Prepare for Your DIY Artificial Grass Project

Installing artificial turf yourself can be a daunting undertaking. It’s doable, but it requires more prep work and thought than you might realize. Do yourself a favor and review the list below to make sure you’re prepared before you start your DIY backyard turf project—you will be grateful in the long run! 

1. Consider all your options

Synthetic turf products are often sold at home improvement stores or big garden centers. These options can be tempting, but some of the on-the-shelf, cheaper options are lower-quality and won’t hold up well over time. Since these stores are often not solely artificial turf suppliers, they usually don’t have experts in artificial grass there to advise customers about the quality of the products and which options will best suit their needs. These lower-quality brands could work for you if your project is small, but if you are thinking about installing permanent artificial turf in a bigger or high-traffic area, you need to do your research and learn about the various offerings out there. The other downside of off the shelf turf products is that they may not look as natural as some products offered through professional turf services or online. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, our SynMeadow turf will provide you a seemingly-natural and lush landscape with the most luxurious feel to it.

2. Consult with a professional

If you’re having trouble researching the right option for you, you can always call a professional for advice. Professional artificial turf design stores usually hire consultants and/or installers who are extremely knowledgeable. They’re there to talk you through the best options for your project based on sizing, intended use, and project scope. Many of these individuals will work with you for the duration of a project, too—so, even if you decide to install the artificial turf yourself, you will have a go-to adviser to call on for help or advice if you have questions or get stuck. 

Successful turf installation requires a few preparations that most of us don’t know how to do, such as preparing edging materials suited to your unique yard size, determining the right turf glue to use, or installing the correct tiles for drainage if you are installing turf on hard surfaces. If you are installing turf in a unique space or any indoor space, it’s especially important to talk to a professional about making sure you install the turf correctly. The last thing you want is to have to do the installation twice–whether by you or a professional you end up having to bring in to fix it.

3. Prepare the space for a DIY backyard turf project

Before you can roll out your synthetic turf, you need to make sure the space is prepared adequately. The success of the entire installation rests on this prep work. If you are installing artificial grass outdoors in the front of your home or backyard: this involves 1) Removing your existing lawn and discarding it appropriately, 2) Putting down a weed barrier layer that matches the size of your lawn, 3) Spreading a sand mixture over the barrier, then using a power compactor to ensure that the weed barrier doesn’t slip and the rocks are set, 4) Adding a thick layer of sand then smoothing it out, and 5) Adding a layer of shock-absorbent material. After all these measures are taken, you are ready to layout your turf. 

It’s always tempting to do home improvement projects yourself. It adds to the feeling that the home is yours and is something you’ve put your heart and soul into. However, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. If you’re feeling anxious about trying to DIY artificial turf for your home, consider calling a professional service today to consult with someone who can help make the process easier.

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