Artificial Turf for Schools & Playgrounds in Washington State

In recent years, many parents, schools, and parks have turned to artificial playground turf as a way to increase safety and accessibility standards for children while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic in high-traffic areas. Keep reading to learn how artificial playground grass can offer a number of benefits to your home, school, or recreation area in Seattle and Western Washington.

Benefits of Artificial Turf on Playgrounds

Playgrounds are heavily-frequented areas where falls, bumps, and bruises are common occurrences. Many of these injuries occurs as the result of inadequate playground construction materials such as sand, bark chips, wood chips, gravel, and natural grass, which can increase the chances for clothing stains and spreading germs. We offer IPEMA certified installation packages and ADA compliance testing to meet the legal needs you may have. We have various padding options to meet fall height attention needs, and have all the technical background and testing your commercial job requires to keep it safe and passing inspections. An artificial playground surface provides a cleaner, safer environment for children in addition to these other benefits:

More wheelchair accessibility

Non-abrasive surface

Non-allergenic material

Shock absorbing padding

Protection from falls up to 12 feet

Easy to replace high-traffic patches


Poured in Place

As seen on playgrounds and sports tracks commonly, SYNPour™ Poured-in-Place (PIP) systems are the best surfacing solution for safe play areas and athletics. It is bound with our SYNPour 100 and 200 binding materials, making them very durable and unlikely to be displaced over time. Available in a multitude of colors, SYNPour Poured-in-Place creates a colorful, seamless surface that can be applied almost anywhere. Customizable to fit any space or shape, the design possibilities are limitless and can include fun shapes or team logos.

SYNPour™ PIP is mixed and installed on-site to form a customized, resilient surface to reduce the severity of head injuries and falls from playground equipment. PIP can also reduce joint impact for athletes in training and competition. In addition to safety, reduced maintenance costs are another reason PIP has become a popular option for universities, schools, communities, and municipalities looking to reduce costs while increasing safety. SYNPour is also ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible which equals more fun for everyone.

Common Applications Include:

School Playgrounds

Community Play Areas

Paths & Walkways

Heavy Traffic Zones


At SYNLawn, we put safety first. Check out our wide selection of artificial grass for playgrounds to find out which product is the best for creating your ideal playground turf.

SYNLawn Play Platinum

SYNLawn Play Premium

SYNTipede 321

SYNPro 60

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