Seattle Indoor Putting Greens

Considering an indoor putting green in Seattle? The pros at SYNLawn Seattle can install an indoor putting green at your home or office. Many residents in Seattle love golf, and indoor putting greens from SYNLawn are more popular than ever. Golf enthusiasts don’t just want to golf periodically - they love the game and want to spend every waking moment golfing or planning their next game.

Indoor Putting Greens

People living in Seattle know it’s very difficult to plan an outdoor activity due to the consistent year-round rainfall. Thankfully, indoor putting greens from SYNLawn Seattle have the look and feel of natural grass, and you can put one anywhere you have space indoors. Customers enjoy golfing in their offices, basement, or even garage. These are all great alternative locations to practice your golf game on a rainy day.

At SYNLawn Seattle, we have a large selection of artificial turf to choose from. We diligently work with you to install putting greens that fit your playability and space. If you love golf as much as us, then the few hours you get in on the weekends aren’t enough to diminish the golf itch. Indoor putting greens let you scratch that itch whenever you want, even if it’s raining outside.

SYNLawn Seattle has the artificial turf products and experience you need at competitive prices. Our turf is made in the United States and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. In addition, we have a reputation for personalized customer service.


Benefits of an Indoor Putting Green from SYNLawn Seattle

Save Time On Driving

Golf courses are often few and far between in cities. Do you like driving in traffic to the nearest course in Seattle and then waiting for a tee time? Do you work long days you barely have any time to golf anymore? Your time is precious, so the last thing you want is to drive.

Indoor putting greens give you the freedom to play when you want. While everyone else is heading to the course, you’re at home enjoying a few hours of practice. When you get to the course, your friends will be amazed at how much your game improved.

You can let the indoor putting greens be your little secret, but we’re confident you’ll want to show off the latest modern addition to your home. If you want something that looks like a golf course, then consider our outdoor putting greens.

Fun Activity For Parties

Everyone loves a party, but the same stale party games and activities can be a drag. Why not introduce your friends and family to your newly installed indoor putting greens. It’s fun to play and is a hit for parties. Put away the Monopoly or the Charades and instead have impromptu golf tournaments or just have a fun casual time. If you have the space, our team of professionals can even design and install a mini golf course.

You don’t just have to use your indoor putting greens for practice. It can be a social activity to bring people together for fun and laughs. It’s guaranteed to make your party hit, and the cheese dip won’t take credit. Your party will be memorable because you entertained them with something innovative and exciting.

Reduce Stress at Work

An artificial turf putting green is perfect for an office break room to help employees relax and have fun during their breaks or lunch hour. Or have one installed in your office, perfect for when you need to brainstorm or if the stresses of the day get too much. Artificial grass is a great escape from the concrete jungle.

Ultimately, you know you’re getting a great product when you purchase from SYNLawn Seattle.


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