SYNLawn® Seattle Artificial Grass is Manufactured PFAS-Free

At SYNLawn Seattle, we are innovating the local market in Seattle, WA, through our tireless efforts to enhance environmental sustainability with our artificial grass. For more than 20 years, we have helped customers transform their landscapes with eco-friendly solutions to conventional grass. Now, we are taking our efforts another step higher by being one of the first suppliers of Seattle artificial turf that is manufactured PFAS-free!

What Are PFAS?

PFAS, or per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, constitute a group of human-made chemicals also known as “forever chemicals,” which are characterized by strong carbon-fluorine bonds. Renowned for their water and grease-resistant properties, PFAS have been widely utilized in various consumer and industrial products, including non-stick cookware, water-resistant fabrics, and firefighting foams. Despite their practical applications, PFAS are of concern due to their persistence in the environment and potential health risks. These substances do not easily break down, leading to bioaccumulation in organisms and raising worries about their links to health issues, including developmental problems, immune system disruption, and certain cancers.


Leading the way in securing an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) rating for sports flooring production, SYNLawn and its parent company, SportGroup, prioritize the environmental sustainability of all synthetic grass and services. We channel our efforts, time, and resources into advancing manufacturing techniques that have a positive impact on the planet. SYNLawn is devoted to crafting top-notch artificial grass that not only prioritizes environmental safety but also helps ensure customer well-being. Our continuous commitment to the safety and quality of our artificial turf addresses concerns associated with forever chemicals.

Artificial grass commercial installation from SYNLawn
Artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

What Is SYNLawn Seattle Artificial Grass Made Of?

SYNLawn is the first and only company to manufacture plant-based synthetic turf. Traditional artificial grass is made with a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene. As a leader in the synthetic turf sector, creating a sustainable alternative to regular grass is high on our priority list. Since 2008, we have worked closely with American farmers while closely monitoring our manufacturing process and ensuring that we provide consistent quality to all our clients. We replace large portions of petroleum polyols with renewable soybeans. These materials make our turf recyclable and renewable for new projects, rather than ending up in a local landfill.

How is SYNLawn Seattle Artificial Turf Manufactured?

Our various types of synthetic turf are manufactured in-house at our ISO-9001 facility in Dalton, GA. In this location, we rigorously monitor and control every step of the manufacturing process, adhering to stringent environmental standards. Notably, we abstain from employing rubber crumb infill due to its association with PFAS. Instead, we opt for the eco-friendly Envirofill® infill, which is antimicrobial and eco-friendly and crafted from acrylic sand, offering a safer and more sustainable option.

Dog laying on artificial grass
Drone shot of an artificial grass playground

The Eco-Friendly Benefits Provided by Seattle Synthetic Turf

SYNLawn Seattle artificial turf eliminates the need for traditional maintenance, providing an efficient way to significantly reduce carbon emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment. A single lawnmower alone can contribute to 90 pounds of carbon emissions annually. Moreover, you can save the money typically spent on monthly maintenance crews.

In regions facing drought conditions across the country, water restrictions are often imposed to conserve water efficiently. SYNLawn's Seattle artificial turf can promptly reduce your monthly water bill by up to 70%. On average, half of your monthly water consumption is typically allocated to lawn care, translating to thousands to tens of thousands of gallons each year. With SYNLawn, concerns about such substantial water loss can be a thing of the past.


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