Artificial Grass For Pets In Seattle, WA

Spoiling your precious pets has never been easier with a dog run or pet grass installation from SYNLawn Seattle. Having their own dedicated pet grass play area keeps them safe and happy, while also draining easily to prevent the Seattle, WA rains from pooling.

Considerations In Choosing The Best Pet Grass

The bond between you and your pet can be incredibly strong. Wanting to give your pet the best of everything is natural. Through SYNLawn of Seattle, Washington, you can provide your pet with the very best pet-friendly artificial grass available. Not only is our synthetic turf extremely durable, it is also comfortable, safe, and beautiful to look at. We guarantee your dog will love it!

There’s a wide variety of factors for you to consider when choosing the best pet turf. Your dog’s size and how frequently he uses the yard are a couple of factors to keep in mind. A larger dog that is highly active and is often in the yard may require a different pet grass than a small dog that is calm and doesn’t go in the yard often.


No matter the circumstance though, whether you have a single small Maltese, or five huge English Mastiffs, SYNLawn of Seattle, WA has the artificial turf you need. Besides being incredibly robust, our pet grass lawns are also very secure, allowing you to have peace of mind that your dog won’t dig underneath your fence and escape.


The following are all considerations to keep in mind when choosing pet turf. At SYNLawn Seattle, we can create the perfect customized pet grass or dog run installation to suit your needs and your budget.

Size of the dog run or landscape area

Your personal product preference

Security measures for pets

Maintenance needs

Time in area your pets will spend

Benefits of SynLawn's Pet Turf

Always Have Beautiful Green Grass

Unlike regular grass, our synthetic pet grass will always maintain its beauty. Because our artificial grass always appears in amazing condition, you’ll no longer have to agonize over your lawn turning brown and gross and unsightly with holes and dead spots. Your lawn will always maintain its vibrant green look no matter the season or weather outside.

Optimal Drainage

Fretting over giant mud puddles forming in your lawn that your dog can jump into will be an issue no longer. At SYNLawn of Seattle, WA, our pet turf offers exceptional drainage where dirty puddles forming in your yard will no longer happen.

Control Odors

Smelling foul odors periodically from your lawn will no longer be an issue. Our synthetic grass is antimicrobial and quick draining, allowing for excellent odor control. Additionally, it is easy to clean up after your pet with our pet turf.

Your Choice of a Wide Variety of Synthetic Turf Products

Fulfilling the needs of both yourself and your pet regarding artificial turf will be made easy. At SYNLawn Seattle, we have a wide range of products that are fully customizable to create a landscape that will impress all.

Pets and House Stay Cleaner

Worrying over your dog sprinting into your house with muddy paws and leaving grass stains on furniture will be a thing of the past. Your dog will stay nice and clean, looking just the way he did when you let him out into the yard.

Added Security

Due to the fantastic durability of our artificial grass, you can rest easy knowing that your dog will be safe and secure in your yard. Your dog digging his way out of your yard and running through the street chasing a car won’t be a worry of yours, as our synthetic grass is robust enough to resist wear-and-tear from even the largest of dogs trying to dig.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNTipede 343

SYNAugustine X47

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SYNTipede 321

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