Synlawn Seattle

At SYNLawn Seattle, we are proud to serve the homes and businesses of the Seattle Metro area with expert artificial grass installation. Our artificial grass can be used for lawns, playgrounds, pets and dogs, putting greens, decks, rooftops, and much more.

SYNLawn of Seattle, Washington is dedicated to provide our customers with high quality and luxurious looking artificial turf. What makes our synthetic turf so high quality is that we oversee every phase of the production process. Due to this level of overview and control, quality that is second-to-none is ensured. We are certain that you will love our long-lasting and low maintenance artificial grass for your project, no matter how simple or sophisticated.


Commercial Artificial Grass

You are sure to win when selecting SYNLawn Seattle for all of your commercial artificial grass lawn needs. For one, our commercial artificial grass is highly customizable, allowing you to use it in a wide variety of projects. Additionally, our synthetic grass will provide you with cost savings in terms of needing no garden equipment, no water, no fertilizer, no pesticides, etc. Making this a wise decision to incorporate commercial synthetic turf into your business landscaping.

Pet & Dog Turf

When it comes to durable artificial grass for your dogs, SYNLawn Seattle has got just what you need! Our artificial pet grass and dog turf is made to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Your pets will love to play on our pet friendly artificial grass and you won’t need to worry about your investment not being able to stand up to hours of dogs playing and running.


Residential Lawn

With SYNLawn Seattle, you can replace your old lawn with our artificial grass lawn, saving both time and money. You won’t need to mow your lawn every weekend. You won’t need expensive gardening equipment. You won’t even need to water your lawn! You’ll get more time in your day and more money in your pocket and a gorgeous lawn to enjoy.

Do It Yourself

SYNLawn artificial grass is easy for you to install, maintain, and clean. Unlike ordinary grass that becomes easily damaged and discolored, SYNLawn synthetic grass always looks lush, green, and beautiful. Not to mention, it is also very low maintenance, meaning no headaches when it comes to you taking care of it.

Pet Turf

Why Choose Artificial Turf?

Financial Savings

The fact is, a regular grass lawn comes with a lot of responsibility. If you get an artificial grass lawn, however, you will no longer need to fork out money for things like gardeners, fertilizer, and pesticides. Because these will no longer be needed, that can mean thousands of extra dollars per year in your pocket.


By getting a synthetic grass lawn, you won’t have to be concerned about using copious amounts of gas and water to maintain it. Due to it being so durable and low maintenance, it is easy to see why SYNLawn Seattle’s artificial grass is so eco-friendly.

Year-Round Activity

Unlike regular grass, which constantly changes in color and shape, SYNLawn Seattle’s synthetic grass stays the same year-round. With this grass, you will be able to enjoy your favorite outside activities all year to your heart’s content.

Locations we serve

We proudly serve the entire Seattle are including but not limited to:


Clyde Hill

Yarrow Point




Lake Forest Park









Mill Creek


SYNLawn is the first and only provider of plant-based artificial grass. We utilize renewable materials along with our advanced technologies to ensure that our turf is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable that it can be. We have instilled more than 50 years of research and development into our products to do so, and we continue to be the number one choice for new and existing customers as a result. By continuing our innovations, we can provide our customers with even more environmental and Class A fire-rated options. In doing so, we save customers time and money on maintenance, conserve thousands of gallons of water, reduce carbon emissions, and help prevent the spread of fires.

Why Choose SynLawn Artificial Grass?

More than 45 years of experience

Not only is SYNLawn the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in North America, but it also has decades of experience serving people just like you and fulfilling their needs.

Lifetime Warranty

Because we oversee every phase of the production process for our artificial grass, we feel confident in offering you a warranty for the entire lifetime of the product.

Over 200,000 Successful Installations

Our experience and track record speaks for itself. We will be able to meet the needs of any project you have, no matter how simple or complex it may be.