Broadmoor, WA Artificial Grass Applications

SYNLawn® Seattle provides and installs the most lifelike and high-quality Broadmoor artificial grass on the market for commercial and residential applications. SYNLawn® is the ultimate lawn management solution for businesses that want to save time and money while providing stakeholders with a clean, safe, vibrant, and environmentally friendly landscape. SYNLawn® employs proprietary grass technologies to provide increased durability and realism, cooler surface temperatures, fade resistance, stain and odor resistance, antimicrobial technology, and other advantages.

SYNLawn® has spent over 50 years studying and creating a recyclable, plant-based synthetic lawn product that is unlike anything else on the market. SYNLawn® was the first grass company to get USDA certifications for using more than 60% bio-based components in our turf collection, indicating our dedication to sustainability. Our hyper-realistic turf fibers are made from sugar cane, and our proprietary backing system is made from soybean oil. We collaborate with US soy farmers to provide sustainable materials for our goods, ensuring that they are safe for children, pets, and the environment. Our solutions help to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for standard lawn care operations.

SYNLawn® products offer exclusive benefits and technologies including but not limited to:

  • Optimal drainage allows for use right after it rains; no more muddy paws
  • Turf fibers made from sugar cane; backing made from soybean oil
  • EnviroLoc™️ backing system is a multi-layered turf backing that locks-in turf fibers to prevent shedding and protects the turf from ripping, tearing, and eliminates the ability for pets to dig holes in the lawn
  • Antimicrobial by Sanitized®️ is added to turf yarn to eliminate pet odors and 99% of bacteria from the turf
  • HeatBlock™️ technology is added to the DNA of our fibers to prevent heat build-up and provide significantly cooler surface temperatures to protect paws from burning
  • Envirofill®️ infill can be added to the turf to further eliminate odors caused by pet waste
  • Super Yarn™️ technology protects the turf from stains, fading, and bacterial growth
  • Free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals
  • Protection from diseases, fleas, ticks, and other pests
  • Made in the USA
Commercial artificial grass installation from SYNLawn
Artificial grass driving range installed by SYNLawn
Artificial grass mini golf course from SYNLawn
Drone shot of mini golf course installed by SYNLawn
SYNLawn artificial grass driving range

Low-Maintenance & Pet-Friendly Broadmoor Artificial Grass

Traditional synthetic grass for dog parks and pet areas can be troublesome to maintain. Many of us struggle with the odors and stains caused by pet waste, as well as repairing holes and damage caused by destructive dogs. To solve these frequent issues, SYNLawn® provides the highest quality Broadmoor pet turf to pet-friendly environments such as dog parks, dog training facilities, hotels, living spaces, and many more.

  • Envirofill® odor-controlling top dressing prevents and eliminates pet odors caused by ammonia
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates 99% of bacteria from surfaces
  • Protection from diseases spread around by fleas, ticks, and other pests
  • Significantly cooler surface temperatures that protect paws from burning
  • No harmful chemicals or heavy metals
  • Optimal drainage allows for use immediately after it rains
  • Extremely resilient grass fibers that help to maintain realism
  • Synthetic grass fibers made from sugar cane
  • Turf backing made from soybean oil
Retriever puppy relaxing on artificial grass
backyard putting green built on artificial turf

Professional Golf Turf Installations in Broadmoor, WA

Dave Pelz, a professional golf instructor, teamed with SYNLawn® to create commercial and residential synthetic golf greens that offer absolute authenticity. SYNLawn® Seattle golf greens are designed to mimic the high-quality, realistic putt, ball energy absorption, and natural slowing characteristics found on professional courses. SYNLawn® putting greens in Broadmoor, WA do not require any maintenance, such as mowing or watering. This provides businesses with the desired amenity that does not require continuous upkeep. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives our ambition to create one-of-a-kind golf greens.

Broadmoor Artificial Green Walls

Here in Broadmoor, WA, both residential and commercial designers are implementing artificial living walls into their portfolios. VistaFolia® manufactures by far the most realistic, low-maintenance vertical plant panels Broadmoor has ever seen. These vertical gardens fit together seamlessly offering appearances that to the naked eye can be mistaken for real plants. Our plant panels offer 100% pure color pigments, UV stabilization to prevent fading, and do not require the messy irrigation systems that real plants do. In addition, Broadmoor artificial living walls offer an easy way to increase indoor or outdoor privacy and sound insulation. With our products, you can transform your indoor or outdoor living space into an urban getaway.

Artificial living wall with couch with decorative pillows

Playground Turf Safety Beyond Expectation

When it comes to developing and creating a playground for your children, safety is always the first consideration. The material beneath swings, slides, jungle gyms and other high-traffic areas soon degrades, placing children at risk. The most prevalent cause of playground injuries is falling onto hard and rough surfaces. In response, SYNLawn® developed the most innovative Broadmoor playground turf available.

  • IPEMA, ADA, and CSA certification
  • Protection from falls up to 10 feet
  • Exclusive Sanitized® antimicrobial technology that eliminates 99% of all bacteria
  • Cooler and fade-resistant surfaces thanks to DualChill IR reflective technology
  • Fall pads provide protection up to ten feet
  • TrampleZones™ that prevent tearing in high traffic areas

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNRye 200

SYNLawn Classic Pitch

SYNLawn Precision Putt

SYNLawn TEE Strike

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