4 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Artificial Turf

If you’ve got some outdoor space around your business, then landscaping could wind up eating away lots of your time and money. Between watering, mowing, weeding, and other gardening chores, keeping your business looking nice could take away from your capability to actually keep your business running.

With artificial turf, however, you can enjoy the benefits of landscaping on your commercial property without all the hassle. Commercial turf, like our SynLawn 648 turf, looks great all year long, and it can even save you money. Thinking about getting artificial turf for your business? Here are four benefits to look forward to.


1. Water Conscious

Watering a lawn can get expensive pretty fast. Those lush green lawns suck up a lot of water, and according to Gardenista, watering lawns alone adds up to one-third of all residential water use. You could shave a significant amount of money off your business’ water bill by switching to artificial turf.

Plus, if you live in an area like California where water can be scarce, then choosing an artificial lawn over planting grass becomes an ecologically sound decision. Artificial grass means saving water, which helps your community especially in times of drought. 


2. Environmental Benefits

Artificial turf has other environmental advantages as well as saving water. Unlike turf grass, artificial turf doesn’t require the use of any pesticides or fertilizers, both of which contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets and local wildlife. Pests and rodents don’t like artificial turf and so they don’t infest it like they do regular grass–eliminating the need for these harsh chemicals.

Additionally, many commercial turf products like Synlawn are made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles. Using such eco-friendly materials helps out the environment, but it also helps the image of your business as it shows you care for your community and your environment at large.


3. Low Maintenance

Unlike turf grass, which requires constant upkeep, artificial turf needs no maintenance at all. Say goodbye to weeding, mowing, watering, and pruning. With artificial turf, you get the appearance of a lush green lawn without all the fuss.

If you’ve been paying a gardener or landscaper to take care of your grass, you can use artificial turf to cut that expense too. 

Additionally, you can use artificial turf in places where grass would be impractical to maintain. Use it as a design feature to brighten up an interior or add a small patch to a hard-to-maintain area. 


4. Green All Year

Unlike turf grass, you can rely on artificial turf to stay green all year round. No matter what you or the weather do, your grass will always look green and lush. Artificial turf is durable and can last for many years to come, meaning that getting the turf installed works out to be a one-time investment as compared to the constant expenses of maintaining a lawn with natural grass. Many people report having artificial lawns last upwards of 25 years.

Plus, today’s artificial lawns come in a variety of convincing shades and shapes. We’re not talking about vintage ‘70s astroturf here. These days, you can get artificial turf installed that looks exactly like the real thing. 


About Synlawn

Synlawn manufactures, distributes, and installs artificial turf for residential and commercial clients in Seattle and Sacramento. Synlawn’s unique and durable synthetic turf is long-lasting and made using recycled materials. 

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