5 Ways an Artificial Turf Will Transform your Rooftop and Patio Spaces

Artificial turf done right. It may not immediately appeal to you, but you’ll soon understand what makes artificial turf the right choice for your project. Our artificial turf has several different benefits that lend to its appeal. It is a versatile turf that can be applied in a number of spaces, from rooftops to patios. It doesn’t require soil and lawn care maintenance like natural grass does. It’s aesthetically pleasing and functional, thanks to its design and durability. This smart investment will give you many of the benefits of a natural lawn. Let’s look at some of the ways that artificial turf will transform your rooftop and patio spaces.

1. Transform Space From Drab to Fab

The top floor of an urban space or a home with a flat roof can look drab, but installing artificial turf over the materials of the roofing or flooring can make the drab become fab. You can transform your dull space into an area where you can entertain and have recreational and fun activities with artificial grass that can add a pop of color and texture.

2. Design a Rooftop Garden with Artificial Turf

Creating a private rooftop garden is a great way to use artificial turf and design a beautiful space. You can take your ugly rooftop and make it into a soothing getaway in the heart of a concrete city. You don’t have to worry about dealing with the weight of soil and drainage requirements. Best of all, an artificial lawn can stand up to hot and cold temperatures and any extreme weather conditions thrown at it. You can even add synthetic stone carpets to give it a more a nice patio feel. 

3. Create Unique Visual Appeal

Artificial turf can make an unappealing and unusable rooftop a unique space with character. It can transform the space into an aesthetically pleasing area with charm and functionality. It’s up to you to choose the design that you want. You may want patio furniture that is made entirely from the turf. You don’t have to be stuck with a concrete patio; instead, you can create your own private retreat with that will look lush and inviting and not artificial at all. Installed correctly, on your patio or rooftop, it will look pristine and beautifully uniform in appearance. Using turf stackables is the best way to easily orient and lay out turf in tighter settings.

4. Little Roof Maintenance

Artificial turf can be installed on a flat or slightly-sloped roof, where it can aid in reducing maintenance costs. Artificial turf is permeable and allows for efficient drainage that prevents standing water accumulation that damage or cause deterioration of your roof. It further acts as an umbrella that protects the roof from the elements, like direct sunlight that can breakdown your roofing material. You’ll spend far less on roof repairs.

5. Safe Space for Pets and Kids

With artificial patio turf, your kids and pets avoid coming in contact with harmful weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides. It is typical today to find brands that contain antibacterial properties that help to minimize the spread of germs and nasty bacteria. For kids that suffer from allergies, this type of grass is non-allergenic, which makes it a healthy choice for playing. Furthermore, where natural lawns are prone to divots and mounds that can cause kids and pets to trip, artificial lawn features an even surface for running around. 

SYNLawn Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is more than just fake grass. It has transformative appeal, is cost-effective, is a healthy option and helps with conservation efforts. Be sure to hire the best to install an artificial lawn on your rooftop or patios. You will have a flexible, durable, unique and beautiful turf area all year round. 

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