Fit Athletic

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Fit Athletic

Location: Mission Beach, San Diego

Square footage: 2,800 square feet

Product Used: SYNPlay 60 with 5mm attached foam pad

How Long it Took to Install: 4 days

SYNPlay 60

SYNPlay 60 artificial turf was selected for this project because of its durable and non-abrasive characteristics, keeping athletes in mind from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the completion of the installation.

When combined with a shock-absorbing backing pad, SYNPlay 60 helps to alleviate joint tension and prevent common injuries that arise during play, exercise, and training.

Athletes of all ages can safely enjoy our artificial turf solutions as they are all tested and installed with precision. Additionally, our added infill helps to eliminate bacteria and odors and prevent mold growth.

Customize your SYNPlay 60 athletic turf with 7 standard colors, custom choices, your favorite team's logo, or promote your business and improve brand awareness by adding a company logo.

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SYNPlay 60 color options include:

  • Red
  • Florida Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • White

SYNPlay 60 was made to handle the heavy load of intense activity that many elite athletes bring to its surfaces.

Commercial athletics choose SYNLawn athletic field turf because of its unrivaled realism, commitment to sustainability, incredible quality, and high durability.

SYNPlay 60 is perfect for harsh agility training, landscapes, and playground applications, and comes with a 9-year warranty.

This athletic turf product features a built-in energy-absorbing backing pad that helps to prevent common injuries for all athletes.

A 5mm foam backing helps to alleviate joint pressure, as well as some of the stress associated with traumatic falls from considerable heights.

It also provides enhanced comfort while resting after long periods of intensive or mild physical activity.

In addition, SYNPlay helps to protect the environment by conserving water and lessening our carbon footprint by eliminating traditional lawn maintenance requirements.

No more worrying about dead grass, rocks, dirt, or flooding. Instead, you can focus more on achieving your athletic goals.

Finally, SYNPlay 60’s UV stabilizers aid in preventing your artificial grass from fading year-round even in harsh sunlight.

SYNLawn® is honored to work closely with many industry experts such as:

Landscape Architects

Landscape Designers

Architectural Firms

General Contractors

Construction Companies

Roof COntractors

Athletic Faciliteis

Sporting events

Schools & School Districts

Universities & More

SYNLawn® manufactures its products in the USA in our own manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA.

We work in collaboration with landscape architects, landscape designers, architectural firms, general contractors, construction companies, and roof contractors to create the ideal athletic facility or sports complex.

We design for universities, sporting events, private schools, and school districts to build incredible amenities for your athletic teams.

For more information, contact SYNLawn® today to schedule a free consultation!