The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments


The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments

The Courtyards Pacific Village Apartments
Square footage: 1,200 square feet
Product Used: SYNFescue 343
How Long it Took to Install: 3 days

SYNFescue 343

Recently, SYNLawn® Seattle Artificial Grass and Installations assisted Pacific Village Apartments with the installation of their brand-new dog park. The dog park features 1,200 square feet of SYNLawn®’s naturally beautiful SYNFescue 343.

This artificial grass option is perfect for pets; delivering superior durability, and exceptional cleanliness for pets to play safely all year long. Installing SYNFescue 343 means eliminating the need for maintenance, muddy paws, and preventing holes from being dug in your landscape which can be costly and tedious to repair.

We utilize exclusive turf technologies and provide unique features that make SYNLawn® Seattle artificial grass the ideal choice for pet areas, lawns, playgrounds, putting greens, and so much more. SYNFescue 343 features two of our proprietary technologies, Super Yarn™ and EnviroLoc™, which work together to increase the overall reliability and strength of this installation.



Eco-friendly and extremely durable, the EnviroLoc™ backing system is part of what makes our artificial grass so secure. EnviroLoc™ is made with soybean oil and other recyclable materials and is designed to “lock-in” turf fibers to prevent tearing or shedding.

In times of heavy foot traffic and intense athletics, traditional grass lawns can easily be torn up resulting in potential injury hazards and unappealing lawn defects. SYNLawn® artificial grass ensures that your lawn will look great and perform at the highest level for years to come.

EnviroLoc™ is also designed with a porous body to provide optimal drainage, allowing pets, your children, and more to resume activities nearly immediately after rainfall or cleaning up after a spill. To aid in the prevention of odors from pet waste, an acrylic coated sand infill from Envirofill® is added to SYNFescue 343. Envirofill® is a pet-friendly antimicrobial top-coating that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria from the turf to ensure cleanliness for the long term.

Furthermore, Super Yarn™ is a one-of-a-kind yarn formula developed by SYNLawn® that incorporates three of the industry's most innovative artificial turf enhancements. The first of these components is Sanitized® antimicrobial.

Sanitized® is a feature designed to remove up to 99 percent of germs from grass surfaces, prevent odors from pet waste, and inhibit the of fleas, ticks, and other pests. Following that, the DualChill™ infrared reflecting technology functions as a thermal barrier, preventing infrared radiation from fading grass fibers. Finally, StatBlock™ is a molecularly bonded anti-static agent made from carbon that suppresses the buildup of static charge induced by friction.

SYNLawn® works closely with local soy farmers as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, we can further our effort of reducing carbon emissions, conserving water, and reducing the impact on landfills.

On top of these many benefits, SYNFescue 343 is designed with safety in mind. SYNFescue 343 is IPEMA certified, to provide fall protection of up to 11 feet. With a 2” Fall Pad®, this product will protect pets and children during their outdoor fun.

As we know, accidents can happen during playtime, this is why SYNLawn® designed SYNFescue 343 to help prevent common injuries on the playground, at the dog park, or even in the backyard.

In addition, SYNFescue 343 is ASTM E108 Class A fire rated to aid in protecting lives from a fire outbreak and minimizing the damage to property. To get this rating, very stringent testing is done to ensure that standards are easily upheld.

SYNLawn® works closely with local soy farmers as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, we can further our effort of reducing carbon emissions, conserving water, and reducing the impact on landfills.


SYNLawn® works with industry masters and commercial properties including in an effort to create the safest, cleanest, and technologically advanced landscapes to date. We provide unrivaled customer service and ensure the most precise installations for any space of any size.

SYNLawn® artificial grass is beautiful in appearance no matter the climate and can withstand all weather, and comes at a price that our customers love. Our UV stabilized yarns promise to keep colors vibrant no matter the amount of sunlight it is exposed to.

Furthermore, we save our customers the time and money it would typically to maintain their landscapes, by eliminating the need for lawn equipment, and reducing costly water bills.

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For more information on SYNFescue 343 or any of the most ultra-realistic artificial grass, Seattle has to offer, contact SYNLawn® today for a free consultation!